Educational Program


As part of its educational activities, the Society of Junior Doctors is hosting once again this year its annual educational program. The main goals of the program are for the participants to familiarize themselves with all aspects of medical research and learn the basics of research methodology, as well as to cultivate an atmosphere of communication and collaboration, which will serve as the main foundation for future research activities of SJD. Through interactive presentations, the participants will gain the necessary knowledge in order to successfully cope with the demands of research and thus become eligible to actively and effectively participate in SJD’s research projects.

The educational program consists of lessons that involve education on the principles of conducting systematic reviews and meta-analyses, as well as discussions on current issues of the medical literature. The lessons are interactive, and the members themselves are encouraged to present in the lessons, according to their interests.

The educational program for 2022-2023 starts in 9/2022.This year the Organizing Committee for Educational Program/Journal Clubs is created, consisting of SJD members, with the guidance of the SJD Board.


The program aims to:

  • Inform new members about SJD’s operation principles and activities
  • Teach the basic principles of writing, reviewing and submitting a scientific article for publication
  • Present the different types of scientific articles
  • Introduce participants to literature analysis through presentation of articles published by SJD members

Participation details

Registration: After filling a Google form sent via email.
Duration: Usually 1 hour – varies depending on the subject.
Date: On a monthly basis according to the schedule below. The exact date and time of every presentation will be timely announced through an email newsletter.
Platform: Interactive presentation and discussion through Skype/Zoom.


The active participation of all members is strongly encouraged!