Journal Club


The journal clubs consist of lessons where the members actively participate, by presenting an interesting recent publication of the medical literature, around which a discussion follows regarding the study outcomes, as well as the methodology used.

This year the Organizing Committee for Educational Program/Journal Clubs is created, consisting of SJD members, with the guidance of the SJD Board.


The goals for the participants are:

  • To learn how to critically appraise the literature
  • To improve their understanding of research methodology and evidence-based medicine
  • To keep up to date with the current literature
  • To maintain constant involvement in research
  • To enhance their communication and debating skills through presentations and discussions
  • To network with other SJD members

Format and participation

The meetings will be held online on a monthly or bimonthly basis through Zoom, on a date that will be timely announced through an email newsletter.

The participation form, along with the scientific article to be analyzed, are sent a week before the meeting via email. The participants are expected to carefully read the article and write down questions, comments and points to discuss before the meetings, in order to fully benefit from them.

The format of the meetings includes a short presentation by the main speakers about the basic structure and findings of the article under discussion, after which all participants will openly discuss and exchange ideas on the subject.

The meetings are expected to last around 1 hour.


All members are strongly encouraged to actively participate!

Join SJD Mailing List

The SJD Journal Club has been taking action since January 2015!

If you wish to join the mailing list, in order to be able to participate in our meetings, or if you wish to propose an article for one of the upcoming meetings, please send us an email or simply fill in the form.