Constantinos Tsioutis

  • ResumeConstantinos Tsioutis graduated from the Medical School of Heraklion, Crete and specialized in Internal Medicine at the University Hospital of Crete. He also received training in Infection Prevention and Control, Applied Epidemiology and Antimicrobial Stewardship at the University Hospital of Crete, the Rollins School of Public Health (Atlanta, GA, USA) and the University Medical Center Groningen, Netherlands and holds a PhD thesis in the field of clinical epidemiology and control of multidrug resistant bacteria. He has wide experience related to education and clinical training of medical students, junior doctors and other healthcare professionals. As of 2016, he is member of the Education Working Group of the European Committee on Infection Control (EUCIC), aiming to develop a European curriculum on infection prevention and control. His publications mostly focus on healthcare-acquired infections and antibiotic-resistant bacteria, yielding more than 900 citations and an h-index of 11 on Google Scholar. He is currently elected Lecturer of Internal Medicine at the School of Medicine, European University Cyprus.