Dr. Marios Detsis
Internal Peer-Review Team - Member
  • ResumeMarios Detsis graduated from the Medical School, University of Athens in 2007 and earned a Masters degree in Public Health at the National School of Public Health in Athens (2009) and an MSc in Biostatistics, School of Medicine and Faculty of Mathematics, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (2015). He also worked at the Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO, 2009-2012). He completed his residency in Pediatrics in “Agia Sofia” Hospital in Athens in 2016 and underwent a 6-month research fellowship at Brown University (USA) in Infectious Diseases. He is a PhD fellow in Epidemiology at Athens Medical School. He has research and teaching experience in the field of Public Health, Epidemiology, Statistics and Infectious diseases and has published more than 19 peer-reviewed papers. He is currently a Medical advisor at Pfizer.