Melina Nikolakea

Dr. Melina Nikolakea
Board - General Secretary
  • ResumeMelina Nikolakea graduated from the Medical School of the University of Athens in 2022 and is now a post graduate student in the same department.During her studies she has shown research interest in different scientific sectors and has participated in various research projects which have led to a number of posters and presentations in medical conferences,as well as publications in greek and international journals.She has a special interest in systematic review methodology and has attended the Cochrane training and she recently participated in a systematic review commissioned and funded by the World Health Organization. She had also been selected as a “peer-teacher” by the neuroanatomy laboratory and taught 1st year students.Since 2017, she has also offered volunteer services in various organizations, such as at the Department of the Doctors of the World in Athens and at the Children’s Hospital. Since 2018 she is a member of the Society of Junior Doctors , where she has attended and contributed in the organization of activities and seminars.She also participated as an instructor in the workshop organized by the Society of Junior Doctors in the 28th ESFIE and 16th International Forum. She currently serves as General Secretary of the Board of the Society of Junior Doctors.