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SNI Chairman - Konstantinos P. Economopoulos

It was one of those nights that we were discussing. There was a “gap”. All of us were aware of it. One called it “unfairness”, one “lack of meritocracy”, one “irresponsibility”, one “insufficiency”, one “deficiencies in the curriculum”, one “exploitation of the student”… somewhere along these lines we all agreed; something had to change. Not for us… it was too late for us. Something had to change for the next generations of medical students of Greece, our country.

It was early 2009 when our dream started to become reality. Twenty junior doctors, with shared vision, begin this journey with a common purpose; to create an incomparable scientific medical society that has never existed before. The word “Junior” by no means posed a limit to the age of the participants; rather it implied that we welcome in our team everyone who shares a fresh and modern perspective on science. Production of high-level scientific work, in a working environment that respects the individual effort and renders the medical student capable to excel both as a future physician-scientist and as a medical professional.

September 29, 2009 and the first flowers bloom. Society of Junior Doctors with dynamism and determination attracts talented members who after passionate hard work publish their first scientific articles. The unspoken rule is obeyed: articles of Society of Junior Doctors are being published only in renowned medical Journals: New England Journal of Medicine, Stroke, JAMA Neurology, Emerging Infectious Diseases, International Journal of Cancer, to name only a few. Invitations for oral presentations in international scientific medical conferences are received from all over the world. CVs are upgraded, collaborations with other well-known scientific organizations are initiated and many members of the Society of Junior Doctors are positioned in prestigious scientific placements all over the world.

And yet! Society of Junior Doctors is still here and active, and expands out of the limits of a single country. Their members, no matter how far they get, not only do they not forget, but also they honor the society with their everyday attitude over and over again. Why? Join our society and you will find out!

Konstantinos P. Economopoulos, Inspirator of the Society of Junior Doctors